Buy items from the market place to maximise your rewards!


When you play the game without a REWARD BOOSTER, only 10 to 30% of your collected rewards are going to your wallet. When you play the game with a REWARD BOOSTER, 100% of the $SRV rewards you collect are going into your wallet! Each REWARD BOOSTER boosts your MAX-CLAIM. The MAX-CLAIM is the maximum amount of $SRV tokens you can claim per day with your REWARD BOOSTER. Example: the "MINI BOOSTER" REWARD BOOSTER costs 5,000 $SRV and gives you a MAX-CLAIM of 100 $SRV/day max.
You can cumulate REWARD BOOSTERS on the same wallet, to increase your MAX-CLAIM and to collect more reward while you play. So in a single game, you can play with unlimited Example: if you have 3 "ULTRA BOOSTER" REWARD BOOSTERS, your MAX-CLAIM is 3 x 1,700 $SRV/day = 5100 $SRV/day
Reward Boosters
*ULTRA BOOSTER BONUS : Once a player can claim more than 1,700 $SRV/day, his wallet gain new powers : 👾 5% chance to get MYSTERY BOX (coming soon) at the end of a run. 👾 1% chance to get a rare BONUS at the end of a run. 👾 access to FANATIC-VIP space on Discord In order to offer a long-term perspective to the project, REWARD-BOOSTER have Health Points.


Bonuses increase the resistance, speed, attack, etc… To make it simple, with bonuses, the player will collect rewards faster and easier.

MYSTERY BOX (coming soon)

At the end of a successful run (surviving more than 30 minutes), players have a 1% chance to receive a MYSTERY BOX when they play the game. This chance is increased at 5% when they own an ULTRA BOOSTER REWARD BOOSTER.


You will be able to sell your items in the Marketplace during Phase 5.


You don't feel like playing today? No problem, just connect your wallet to the Scholarship service, and let others play for you, while you collect most of the rewards.


Get your key to earn your rewards early
Get your early access NOW. With your key, you will be able to:
  • Play the game before everyone else 🎮
  • Earn $SRV beginning on the 5th of September 🤑
  • Boost your affiliate link by sharing gameplays 📈
Using your early access, you will be able to play games until the full game comes out on September 15th.
Tokens earned with Early Accesses will be treated the same way as tokens bought during presale or ICO.
To get your early access, be on the lookout for contests on our socials.
Be careful, don't die and earn as much as you can. ⚔️