Play to Earn

Earn to survive
Finally a Play-to-Earn that is FUN to play! Better than words, try the DEMO OF THE GAME. At first glance, Crypto Survivors looks like another basic pixel-art action game… But in reality, it's REALLY your only chance to survive the bear market! The game will bring you to the deep darknesses of the DeFi: hundreds of monsters, multiple characters, weapons, abilities, and auto-repeating map environnements for endless fun!
Survive in the Crypto world!
Eradicating monsters will help you collect several helpful items, such as: 💎 green candles, which let you gain experience and level up your character 🍗 roasted chicken, which restores your health and help you fight your enemies longer 💰 coins, which will be transformed into $SRV tokens at the end of the game session
You can play the game for free, without buying anything, or without investing in our project. And you will collect $SRV tokens anyway! Those $SRV tokens rewards can be exchanged for other cryptocurrencies (with a simple swap) or they can be reused in-game to buy bonuses. You can also use our $SRV on REWARD-BOOSTER, and increase your rewards.