$SRV token, on BINANCE SMART CHAIN (BSC / bep20) Contract adress : to be published
$SRV to the moon
$SRV is the token of CRYPTO-SURVIVORS project. It's a governance token on the BSC Smart Chain. $SRV holders will be able to buy REWARD BOOSTER, BONUSES, and other items from the marketplace.
The mechanics behind $SRV's upcoming success :
  • Investors will gather around the project and see an opportunity. Crypto Survivors is one of the first P2Es to have an addictive, fully functional game with complex mechanics.
  • Gamers will buy $SRV to unlock their REWARD BOOSTERS.
  • Gamers will also buy $SRV to unlock BONUSES and power-ups.
These 3 elements combined should create a strong demand for $SRV and contribute to its success.

Total supply: 150,000,000 $SRV tokens

The 15th August, $SRV token will be listed on Poocoin and PancakeSwap, at a launch price of $0,01 minimum (depending the result of the presale and ICO, price could be higher).
The token distribution will be as follows:
Token distribution
  • 65% for Rewards
  • 15% for the Presale and the ICO
  • 5% for Marketing and Advisors
  • 5% for Liquidity
  • 5% for the Team (locked 12 months)
  • 5% for the Listing
Note that we build Crypto Survivors for gamers, and not for gamblers. To protect our community against speculation or "pump and dump", we implemented a 10% sell tax that will only last until the listing of the token on centralized exchanges.