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How to buy $SRV tokens (you'll need BUSD or USDT on Metamask wallet)
How to invest during the ICO of Crypto Survivors. NB: The first part of the video was recorded before we changed the name of the token from $SRV to $SRV.
I already have some BUSD / USDT on my wallet
If you already have a metamask account with BUSD (bep20) or USDT (erc20) on it. You can use this tutorial to buy your $SRV.
  • Connect your wallet
  • Select your payment method (BUSD or USDT)
  • Chose the amount of BUSD or USDT you want to use for the transaction
  • Confirm the transaction to approve the token
  • Confirm AGAIN the transaction to BUY $SRV.
That’s it, you now have $SRV in your wallet. You can see the number of $SRV you have in your wallet just below the swap tool.

I don't have BUSD / USDT on my wallet

You need a Metamask wallet to buy $SRV. If you don't have a Metamask wallet, follow this link and instal Metamask wallet.
Then, the easiest way is to send USDT erc20 on your Metamask wallet.
  • Follow the instructions to buy USDT on one of these exchange : Huobi, Binance, Coinbase, Kucoin
  • Send the USDT to your Metamask address, be careful, always copy/paste your address and don’t try to type it by hand. A single mistake can lead to your funds being lost.
  • Send also some ETH to pay for the gaz fees during the transactions.
  • Follow the instruction from the first chapter.